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Caring for Pensioners in South Africa


She is old, sick and frail.  She had not eaten in over a week. After she paid the rent, there was only enough money left for a can of pet food which went bad after a while, because she did not have a refrigerator.  She is still recovering from food poisoning, and has no money left from the last pension payout.  She is cold and pale, and lives in a small room with no water or electricity.  She uses the freezing water from the garden tap to wash herself.  No luxury of a warm bath for her.  She sleeps on a worn mattress, under a paper thin blanket.  She cannot afford warm clothes or warm bedding.

She has children somewhere.  She has not seen them in many years and they might have emigrated to another country.  She might have relatives who pretend to care for her, but they exploit her as an unpaid house keeper and baby sitter, taking her pension money and leaving her with no means to take care of herself.  Her friends and relatives are simply not in a position to assist her financially.

She is one of thousands of old people living in South Africa where the old age pension is completely inadequate and totally out of touch with the cost of living.  Surely the government does help to provide for these old people, but there is simply no way they can survive on the current R1200 social grant per month.  They cannot find shelter in old age homes, because of over capacity, preference given to frail care and people with private pension funds and other incomes.  Pensioners in old age homes qualify for the social grant of R1200, as well as an additional government subsidy of between R1200 and R1800 per month for frail care, and apart from that, in the case of more wealthy pensioners the home will also claim a large percentage of their private income from investments or annuities. The vast majority of pensioners who cannot find accommodation in old age homes, do not qualify for any additional subsidy, which results in thousands of old people struggling to survive in hopelessness.

The St Christopher Organisation cares for pensioners who cannot find accommodation in old age homes.  The St Christopher Foundation subsidises these people and offers them accommodation in St Christopher Homes, where they live in a warm, friendly, tranquil and safe environment, with 24/7 supervision, three fully balanced meals a day, laundry every week, rooms cleaned every day, social services and Hospice care, and we make sure that all their needs are met.

Not only does the St Christopher Organisation provide a much needed service in it's communities, it also creates much needed jobs in the private sector. 

We desperately need your support. You can definitely make a difference ! 

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